About us



Since 1988, Asdem has been supporting the global oil industry on claims recovery, delay claims, oil industry contracts, tanker charterparties, demurrage and more.

Alongside advisory services, claims support, mediation and arbitration services, Asdem trains oil industry professionals around the world on oil industry laytime and demurrage, tanker chartering, tanker operations and loss control. Asdem-certified courses are highly-regarded throughout the industry.

Asdem hosts laytime & demurrage and barge conferences as well as industry working groups. These have led to the publication of the Asdem Barge Charterparty and the implementation of codes of practice for time bar issues and for standard terms and conditions for certain charterparties or products.

Asdem has offices in the UK, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and a Demurrage Claims Centre in Mumbai which provides outsourced claims support and recovery services.

As an Asdem client, you benefit from access to legal, seafaring and commercial expertise. The aim is to help you achieve commercial outcomes without fuss, without delay, without legal proceedings wherever possible and without harming your commercial relationships.

This has been Asdem’s philosophy to our clients for 30 years.