Claims Recovery

Asdem’s clients benefit from expert legal advice, assistance with negotiations, claims recovery support and access to Asdem’s mediation and arbitration services. They can also call upon experienced claims specialists supplied by Asdem to work in-house to cover backlogs, staff absences and work overload.

Asdem is known worldwide for its demurrage expertise and handles all types of charterparty and contract demurrage claims on behalf of oil companies, traders and ship owners. Because the company is totally independent and widely respected, Asdem is able to approach all the parties involved in a dispute. As well as processing routine claims for its clients and resolving backlogs, Asdem has extensive experience recovering and apportioning demurrage where cargoes have been traded through long chains of contracts. Asdem has recovered demurrage from more than 25,000 contracts worldwide.

Asdem resolves a wide range of oil industry contractual claims, including claims for deviation costs, bunkers, freight differentials and outturn settlements. Asdem is often brought in to advise when issues occur during the performance of a charterparty or sale and purchase contract with a view to putting a commercial solution into place and avoiding prolonged and expensive loss and delay or costly legal proceedings.

Asdem works with maritime lawyers, advises on contracts and mediates in disputes. Asdem will research background information and provide detailed reports. When all forms of negotiation have been exhausted, Asdem will fight arbitration cases on behalf of clients.

Asdem can supply experienced consultants to:

  • work in clients' offices, often at short notice;
  • complete special projects;
  • clear backlogs of outstanding claims;
  • cover staff absences and work overload; and
  • set up and train claims departments

Asdem undertakes audits of existing claims departments and, where appropriate, will recommend steps to improve cost-effectiveness. The company can provide confidential reports and research studies in refining, shipping and trading operations.

Asdem can call upon the services of a wide range of acknowledged technical and operations experts and supply expert witnesses.