A Guide to Oil Tanker Voyage Charterparties

14 February

Venue: The Rubens at The Palace Hotel

Price: US $950 per Delegate

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Event description


This master class is a detailed overview of the structure of The Modern Oil Tanker Voyage Charterparty and provides a practical and comprehensive guide to oil voyage charter forms in use today - ASBATANKVOY, BPVOY 4 and BPVOY 5; SHELLVOY 5 and SHELLVOY 6; EXXONMOBILVOY 2005 and EXXONMOBILVOY 2012 – this class considers the legal, operational and commercial implications of the various clauses and provides useful practical guidance on additional clauses and amendments commonly seen. Delegates attending this course will receive Asdem’s comprehensive guide to Modern Oil Tanker Voyage Charterparties and this is reflected in the price of this course.


Full course description and programme will be published here shortly.

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