European Oil Barge Laytime & Demurrage Workshop

1 February

Venue: Inntel Hotel Rotterdam Centre

Price: EUR €750 per Delegate

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Event description


Parties involved in the European oil Barge industry need to have a thorough and practical understanding of the various charterparty and sale and purchase contract forms that are in use by the industry to perform the calculations required day to day. Parties also require a knowledge of accepted industry practice when it comes to laytime and demurrage claims.


Asdem has received many requests over the past year to provide a workshop focused on European oil barge laytime and demurrage, the latest charterparty and sale and purchase contract forms and we feel that this workshop is most certainly overdue. This one-day workshop will be led by Phil Stalley, an acknowledged expert on all aspects of oil demurrage after 37 years’ service at BP until his retirement in 2008 as head of Demurrage at BP Oil International.


This workshop presented together with Andrew Wilding, Managing Director of Asdem, is aimed at the day-to-day working requirements of demurrage analysts and operators who are involved in barge nominations, claims, laytime and demurrage and disputes. It will provide a comprehensive review of the terms and procedures, starting from the different contract terms and the initial nomination through to the calculation of the final demurrage claim.


Despite a move towards standardisation of the Barge Charterparty forms there are still many disputes, often for relatively small amounts of money. Such disputes often involve barge operators, traders and claims personnel who will all benefit from participating in this workshop. Phil Stalley will endeavour to interpret the various barge rules in a way that most of the participants will find acceptable. The intention is that barge owners and traders should be in a position to negotiate and settle their barge claims quickly and with the minimum amount of unnecessary argument.   


This will be an “Active Learning” workshop based on a case study approach enabling delegates to learn how to solve common problems, avoid expensive time-consuming conflicts and resolve issues commercially. Delegates will be encouraged to talk about what they are learning and interact with one another and relate the information presented to the real issues they experience in their daily working lives.

Delegates are invited to bring case studies, problems or demurrage dilemmas to this workshop, engage with the issues, analyse, participate and collaborate with each other.


The workshop will be restricted to the European oil barge trade. The range of workshop topics we intend to cover is listed below. The course documentation has also been written to serve as a useful guide for future reference.


If you are engaged in any aspect of the European oil barge market, we are confident you will find this workshop relevant to your work and to your company in several different ways.


We have also organised a drinks reception directly following the workshop which we hope all delegates will attend. The drinks reception, which is included in the conference fee, will be held from 5 to 7 pm at the Inntel Hotel’s rooftop room which offers a panoramic view of Rotterdam with the Maas river and Erasmus bridge as a backdrop.


Everyone involved the European oil barge industry is invited along to the drinks reception as guests of Asdem which will provide an excellent opportunity for networking with other members of the industry, establishing new business contacts, greeting old friends and making new ones.


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