Oil Industry Tanker Chartering, Operations and Loss Control (Quantity and Quality)

25-27 September

Venue: The Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel

Price: US $2250 per Delegate

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This comprehensive three-day certified professional training seminar will be led Tony Yates (Master Mariner Class 1) Head of Operations for BP Oil International Ltd, based in Canary Wharf, London in charge of a department of over 100 people until he retired from BP on 31 March 2014.

This seminar has been designed as training matrix run in 3 modules for chartering and operations staff who need to understand the fundamentals of the tanker market, operations and quantity and quality control. The three modules are Tanker Chartering; Tanker Operations; Oil Industry Loss Control each of which can be attended separately or all together or in combination.

Anyone who services the tanker market will benefit from Tony Yates vast experience and the structured knowledge of the elements of chartering, tanker operations, quantity and quality issues, will find the course extremely useful.





The course covers the structure of the tanker market, how information is gathered and disseminated, how business is quoted and how proposals are evaluated. On day one, delegates will learn the voyage negotiation process and then proceed to charter a vessel. During day two, delegates will operate the charter through its various stages of loading, sailing, and discharging. They will deal with a variety of issues all the way to final closure of the file, including the calculation of freight, demurrage and deviation.

The course which has been extensively revised for 2019 takes a typical voyage as its basis in order to provide delegates with an in-depth understanding of the procedures to be followed for chartering and operating vessel contracts. Role-play and hands-on exercises ensure that the delegates will fully understand the reasons for the various decisions they have to take. They will also gain an increased awareness of the many potential pitfalls.





Tony Yates, Consultant to the Oil Industry. Tony holds a Master Mariners Class 1 Certificate of Competency and sailed on tankers for 13 years. He subsequently worked as a marine technical surveyor in the U.S., before joining an International inspection company where he served as Regional Manager for the U.S. Eastern Seaboard for several years. He returned to the UK in order to take up a position with BP's Cargo Assurance (Loss Control) team.

Over recent years Tony held a number of managerial roles and retired as Head of Operations for BP Oil International Ltd in March 2014.


Andrew Wilding, Managing Director, Asdem, is a maritime law specialist with extensive experience in drafting, negotiating and resolving disputes in energy, marine, and transportation contracts for ship owners, ship managers, charterers, commodity traders and their insurers. Andrew lectures extensively for academic and professional institutions and has lived and worked in Asia for over 20 years.

Andrew was an Associate at the Hong Kong office of Sinclair Roche and Temperley prior to joining the Singapore office of Stephenson Harwood where he was a Partner, responsible for establishing and running the shipping litigation department at Stephenson Harwood’s office in Singapore.

Andrew has lectured for numerous academic and professional institutions in Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, London and in the United States.

Andrew established a post graduate course in Maritime Law at Dalian Maritime University in China and ran a certificate course in Shipping in Hong Kong. He is the author of numerous published articles on Maritime Law.

Andrew is frequently asked to act as an arbitrator/mediator in order to help the oil industry settle disputes amicably.





Please Note the regular price for this three-day event will be US $2,250. However, those wishing to attend only one module the price will be US $800; for those wishing to attend two modules the price is US $1,500: attending the entire 3-day training seminar will cost US$ 2,250.

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