A Guide to the Operation of Oil Industry Sale and Purchase Contracts

7 May

Venue: The Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel

Price: £750 per Delegate

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The form of international oil sales contracts is many and varied. The laytime and demurrage regime under such contracts is very different to the charterparty regime and requires specialist knowledge. The tailored-made terms agreed by traders often give rise to the most complex laytime and demurrage calculations in the industry. This one-day masterclass will examine, and in comprehensive fashion, the international oil sale contract starting from its creation by the trader, the terms of the deal, the cargo operator’s role, and how to conclude a deal by looking at the calculation of laytime and demurrage as they apply to oil industry sale and purchase contracts. It will examine the principles governing the international sales, Incoterms 2020 and the Standard Terms and Conditions commonly used by the oil industry. Those attending will gain an in-depth understanding of oil industry sale and purchase contracts, laytime and demurrage, the financial cost of delays and how to avoid them.


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  • Early bird discount for three or more delegates, 20% off.
  • Three or more delegate discount after 16 April, 10% off.


Seats available: 12


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