Advanced Laytime and Demurrage Training for the Oil and Tanker Industries

19-20 September

Venue: The Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel

Price: US $1500 per Delegate

We have reached the maximum capacity for the conference room and, regrettably, can no longer accept additional registrations.



Asdem’s Advanced Laytime and Demurrage training for the oil industry is aimed at industry professionals who wish to be masters of this complex subject.

Asdem has conducted extremely successful and well received workshop and case study sessions at Asdem's Tanker Demurrage Conferences; these conferences have always received the highest approval rating from delegates with the only complaint being that there is never enough time to debate all the points raised by the thought-provoking case studies presented. Asdem’s most senior oil industry professionals who conduct this advanced level of laytime and demurrage course, build on this approach and focus on active learning through the use of workshop and case study sessions. Attending Asdem’s Advanced Laytime and Demurrage course is therefore not a just a spectator sport. Delegates do not learn much by just sitting in a class room, listening to lecturers, considering pre-packaged case studies, and memorising the answers. Asdem’s "Active Learning" workshop/case study approach encourages delegates to actively learn how to problem solve, how to avoid expensive time-consuming conflicts, resolve issues commercially, talk about what they are learning, interact with one another, and relate what is being discussed to the complex real-world issues they experience in their daily working lives as a laytime and demurrage operations or contracts executive.

We invite delegates to bring case studies, problems or demurrage dilemmas to our training sessions and encourage them to engage with the issues, analyse, participate and collaborate with each other to develop the skills necessary to handle the most complex problems.

Delegates will receive a certificate in Advanced Laytime and Demurrage Training upon completion of the training course.





This workshop examines, in detail, a number of key issues and complex problems that have been highlighted by recent court decisions as well as issues and dilemmas faced by the industry. This training will also include several case studies and a mock arbitration in which delegates participate and present their position. This course will also involve full participation by delegates who can bring with them any current issues/problems they would like to review.

In demurrage negotiations, the person with the greatest knowledge and experience will inevitably be best placed to find opportunities for saving money.

This intensive two-day course allows enough time to cover a range of contentious demurrage claims which will provide delegates with an in-depth awareness of the many aspects of this important subject. The programme is specifically designed for demurrage analysts, claims handlers and lawyers who already have a good level of experience which they are looking to build on as well as those which have previously attended Asdem's laytime and demurrage training seminars and conferences.

A comprehensive advanced level manual is provided with this course which is designed as a training guide, a reference book and as an advanced guide to fundamental oil industry laytime and demurrage and will serve as a very useful and practical reference for all delegates attending this training.

We have arranged an informal drinks reception at the end of the first day of this training which will provide a further opportunity for establishing useful business contacts among the delegates.

The workshop will be limited to a maximum of twenty-one delegates.


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Andrew Wilding, Managing Director, Asdem, is a maritime law specialist with extensive experience in drafting, negotiating and resolving disputes in energy, marine, and transportation contracts for ship owners, ship managers, charterers, commodity traders and their insurers. Andrew lectures extensively for academic and professional institutions and has lived and worked in Asia for over 20 years.

Andrew was an Associate at the Hong Kong office of Sinclair Roche and Temperley prior to joining the Singapore office of Stephenson Harwood where he was a Partner, responsible for establishing and running the shipping litigation department at Stephenson Harwood’s office in Singapore.

Andrew has lectured for numerous academic and professional institutions in Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, London and in the United States.

Andrew established a post graduate course in Maritime Law at Dalian Maritime University in China and ran a certificate course in Shipping in Hong Kong. He is the author of numerous published articles on Maritime Law.

Andrew is frequently asked to act as an arbitrator/mediator in order to help the oil industry settle disputes amicably.





  • Early-bird discount (until 29 August), 15% off for one to two delegates.
  • Early-bird discount for three or more delegates, 20% off.
  • Three or more delegate discount after 29 August, 10% off.


We reached the maximum capacity of the meeting room and, regrettably, we can no longer accept additional delegates

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