Foundation Laytime and Demurrage Training for the Oil and Tanker Industries

12-13 September

Venue: The Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel

Price: US $1500 per Delegate

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This Asdem certified training course - presented by qualified oil industry professionals with 50 years combined experience in the industry - is aimed at the essential, fundamental and practical day-to-day working requirements of oil industry professionals who handle, or who are involved with, laytime and demurrage claims. This course provides comprehensive training on the principles of oil industry laytime and demurrage enabling those who attend to perform the complex calculations that are required. The subject of laytime and demurrage impacts on many aspects of the performance of the oil voyage charterparty. This course considers this aspect in detail and will also be of great benefit, as many companies have already discovered, to anyone who has a responsibility for avoiding costly delays such as contracts, operations and post fixture executives. This training provides an understanding of the optimal contract terms to use for an organisation and the interpretation of them and therefore is also of benefit to anyone involved in the contracting process such traders, contracts executives and legal counsel.





This course is designed specifically for the oil and tanker industries and examines the differences in the laytime and demurrage regime between all of the commonly used charter parties. This training has been constantly updated in the light of the latest court decisions and arbitration awards and takes into account numerous additional clauses that are now seen in many oil industry charterparties. This course has proved very popular and Asdem now runs it, as both a public and in-house training, in many parts of the world including London, Scandinavia, Geneva, Cape Town, the Middle East, India, Singapore and the USA.

This two-day event covers far more than just the fundamentals of laytime and demurrage. The aim is to teach how to analyse claims correctly and accurately. It also teaches how it is possible to find many opportunities for saving substantial amounts of money and to avoid costly disputes if you have a good understanding of the complexities of the subject. In addition, this course also provides a detailed examination of both charter party and sale and purchase contract laytime and demurrage with a clear and concise explanation of all the problem areas. The full range of topics to be covered is listed below and includes issues concerning not only laytime and demurrage but also detention, deviation, interim port claims, claims for the costs of extra bunkers consumed used in heating cargo, bunkers consumed whilst drifting waiting for orders, speeding up the vessel beyond the warranted speed or slowing down the vessel, additional ports costs such as shifting, tugs and pull back charges, estimated times of arrival, late arrival, breakdown of the vessel, ROB claims, delays for issuing bills of lading – original or switch – letters of indemnity time bars... and so on!

The comprehensive manual provided with this course is designed as a training guide, a reference book but overall, a thorough guide to the fundamental principles of oil industry laytime and demurrage which will serve as a very useful and practical reference for all delegates attending.



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  • The Elements of the Voyage Charter Party
  • Laydays        
  • Laytime allowance
  • Notice of Readiness
  • Arrived Ship                                 
  • Berth Reachable On Arrival
  • Hours for Loading and Discharge
  • Shifting Time to Berth and Shifting between Berths
  • Ship/shore stoppages                                                    
  • Lighterage
  • Deballasting and Ballasting
  • Bunkering
  • Demurrage rate           
  • Detention
  • Weather Delays
  • Slow Pumping                                           
  • Crude Oil Washing
  • Letters of Protest
  • Deviation
  • Exceptions to Laytime - Comparison between Charter Parties
  • Demurrage in FOB, CFR and CIF Sales Contracts
  • The Relevance of Demurrage in Trading
  • Pro Rating Time between Different Owners of the Cargo
  • Pro Rata Settlements of Contract Chains        
  • Documentation for Claims
  • Making a Profit from Demurrage Claims
  • Time Bars            
  • Companies’ General Terms and Conditions
  • Avoiding Unnecessary Disputes in Trading Contracts
  • Examination of Important Legal Cases
  • Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
  • Calculation of Demurrage Claims including Practical Work on examples of:
    • FOB contract claims
    • CIF contract claims
    • Excess pumping-time problems
    • Basic and complex ship owners’ claims
    • Checking owners’ claims and finding mistakes
    • NOR problems
    • Deviation claim calculations





  • Early-bird discount (until 22 August), 15% off for one to two delegates.
  • Early-bird discount for three or more delegates, 20% off.
  • Three or more delegate discount after 22 August, 10% off.

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